“I’ve found Jerry!”

During my second year of University, like many students, I decided to live with my friends. We’d met in halls and it seemed like the easiest thing to do. After several months of searching for our new pad, myself, Ellie, Josh, Jake and Jacob rocked up at our new house. It wasn’t exactly paradise but it had a roof and solidly built wardrobes so it was good enough for us. We all turned up on different days though the room bidding had been done early on so we knew what we were heading in to.

Jacob and myself had both returned recently from separate trips to America and we were also the first to arrive so later on our landlord popped round to see how we were getting on and to give me my keys. Jacob let him in and I came halfway down the stairs to collect my keys before we made some awkward small talk with my landlord saying that he could tell I’d just got back from America as I’d put weight on – delightful! At that moment Jacob, who was stood behind our landlord, nearly wet himself in silent laughter and I struggled to keep a straight face too. We were off to a great start.

Over the next few days others then arrived and we lived for months in harmony until we had a surprise visitor. We woke up to a 2am post on our group Facebook page from Josh telling us that he had seen a mouse. A mouse. Like the small thing out of Tom and Jerry, we had gotten ourselves a Jerry. However, this little mouse had been named Pinky, quite cleverly, after Pinky and the Brain. It seemed, he’d planned to do the same thing he did every night, try to take over the house.

Sadly, none of us believed Josh and he’s quite rightly never forgiven us. He’d told us at 2am after pulling a coursework all nighter and we’d had no other symptoms. No food was eaten, no cupboards or wires had been drawn and the counters were only covered in tomato puree and bread crumbs, not mouse droppings.

I don’t think I fully admitted Josh was right until I stumbled across my Easter Egg mid-revision and was looking forward to tucking in to Cadbury’s finest. After hiding it in my room to keep it safe from my housemates, I had failed to keep it safe from my house mouse. The wrapper remained untouched, as did the box, though two teeth marks and chocolate crumbs covered the egg. I knew I hadn’t scraped my two front teeth all over this egg. I don’t eat like that – I usually stuff as much in my mouth as possible. This mouse was trained. He was a ninja. A secret agent. I was now roommates with Danger Mouse.

In the morning, as our house’s main negotiator, I was on the phone to the landlord and he popped round with the slam down mousetraps and a slimming DVD for myself. I was busy asleep in a lecture when he dropped them off and I wasn’t best pleased to return to these death traps littered around the house. I was straight on to Amazon and had a humane trap on the way. Plus, this was Danger Mouse; he wasn’t going to be foiled by these little games. He’d hand down beat all of us at Mouse Trap. Besides whoever had put them out had set these traps with cranberries and raisins so I was relaxed about waiting the 3 to 5 days for my humane trap to arrive as I knew this mouse would stick his nose up at these. He’d spent the last three nights digging in to what the Easter Bunny had left for me. The Amazon humane traps were set in the kitchen and I’d used something cleverer than cranberries, I used chocolate. I was rather jealous to be honest; I would do anything for the amount of free Cadbury’s I was giving away here.

The scratching and the gnawing went on night after night and I spent many evenings trying to persuade one of my housemates to sit in my bed till 2am waiting for this mouse to rouse his head and it’s safe to say no one took up this offer. I searched with my iPhone torch to dig out this mouse but I never caught a glimpse until one night. I heard the usual scuffling and chewing and reached for my sidelight, which tapped on, and there he was. We met eyes for a brief second as he sat on my light socket plugged in to the wall before he darted under the bed. My screams stayed inside as I tried to come to terms with seeing him. I jumped up and hung my head over the side of the bed to see if I could find him. Sadly he’d gone but he had left me slightly shaken.

In light of our new guest the mouse brought us a lot of fun, or at least a lot of pranking. Shouting ‘Mouse!’ became a common occurrence to try and make people jump, especially by the fridge. It became a daily activity though the biggest screams did come when we sat watching ‘Pointless’ and saw the mouse dart around the kitchen floor from one cupboard to the fridge. As we were Alexander Armstrong fans we had our phone alarms set to 5.15pm, and soon this mouse began to like Richard Osman just as much as us. It seemed he started to make an effort to visit the kitchen at this time every day. After watching him day after day we noticed where he was coming from; he liked the corner by my cupboard where there was a gap. After a bit of fiddling around and getting it right, finally my earlier Amazon purchase worked! It was success!

I folded the Amazon box up I had from the humane mouse trap delivery to form a thick wedge and stuffed it in the gap. Even Danger Mouse cannot defeat Amazon packaging.







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